Laughing In Liberia – Quincy T

Quincy Terence Juleh, is a Liberian median widely known as Quincy ‘T’ who believes that his art is in his nature.

According to Mr. Juleh, his joke telling gained the attention of the Liberian people through the nation first privately own radio station Radio Monrovia during the crisis in the country. At the time of the war in Liberia, Quincy ‘T’ believed that his comedy show was a method that he used to keep people in-door and relieve them of stress.
Chuckie Taylor, the fearful son of former President Taylor, pardon him because of his art at a Nightclub where he (Quincy) deliberately stopped him (Chuckie) from entering the club.

Currently, he runs a comedy show on Magic FM in Monrovia called “Political Comedy” where he turns serious political issues, that could land him into jail by those involve, into jokes and everyone laugh about it.