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Rabbie Nassrallah, aka Nasseman, hails from Liberia on the West African coast. Born in 1979 to a Lebanese father and Liberian mother, Rabbie grew up in Liberia’s bustling capital, Monrovia. As a young man, he witnessed the devastation of Liberia’s 1989 – 2003 civil war, a period which helped to shape his strong sense of social justice.

Rabbie began performing when he was eleven, and rose to prominence in 2005 with the hit “Till We Meet Again”, written in memory of his mentor Ras Katata. He has spent the intervening years honing his talent, and is now an accomplished songwriter, penning lyrics for Liberia’s hip-hop, R&B and gospel artists. – Jonathan Koffa

Jonathan Koffa is better known to his fans as Takun J, the hip co king.

Takun J was born on May 14 in Monrovia, Liberia, where he survived the country’s 14 year civil war with his single mother and 3 siblings. Even during those hard times, it was clear that Takun J had an best online casino entertainer’s spirit. He grew up playing soccer, dancing, and entering talent shows. He performed whenever he had a chance. By the time he graduated from high school, he had fully committed himself to music. In 2005, he released his first single, “We’ll Spay You” followed the next year by “You Meaning Me”.

Takun J has committed himself to writing songs that speak up against injustice, promote unity, and resonate with people’s everyday experiences. He has a solid fan base in Liberia that crosses divisions of age, gender, ethnicity, and class and his storytelling has a growing international following. Increasing media coverage has included press by the BBC, Al Jazeera, AFP, Together Liberia, OkayAfrica, This Is Africa, and countless other radio and news sources, and he has worked with multiple nonprofits, including UNICEF and Action on Armed Violence, to use his image and his music to promote message of peace and development. Currently, he’s serving as Media Impact’s Gender-Based Violence Reduction Ambassador. – Chase Walker

Chase P. Walker is a Liberian Photojournalist, graphic designer and cartoonist at FrontPage Affrica.

Chase has been working with news organizations since the age of 18. He started as a cartoonist at The Daily Observer newspaper. He has often risked injury to document newsworthy events.  As much as there are wars, riots and poor health-care, under equipped schools and police brutality in Liberia Chase feels that he has a responsibility to deliver information visually. Fyrkuna Metal  Works

Fyrkuna is a metalworks located on Bushrod Island, Liberia. Manfred Zbrzezny is the manager and specializes in "Arms into Art" weapons conversion as well as comercial welding and blacksmithing. Manfred”s work has been featured numerous times in the international media including CNN.

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