A rough road towards education in Liberia

Martina Johnson is a 26 year old woman who dropped out of  elementary school. Although she’s determine to get back to school, but she’s faced with a new problem.

A few days ago Martina gave birth to her third child. As a single parent she’s left alone to cater to her children as well as her self. “I want to go back to school to complete the rest if my education” she said, “but there is no one to look after my kids while I’m in school,” Martina continued.

She has to wake up at 5am every morning and head for the market where she sells peanuts just so that her kids can get a single meal for the day.

She uses some of her profits from her peanuts for feeding, and clothing her kids, and she also, at the end of every month pay $ 10.00 us dollars for rent.

With a smile on her face she said, “I saved the rest of my profits that i get from selling peanuts so that tomorrow i can be able to go back to school.

About Clarence Nah

Clarence first became interested in media work after he graduated from high school in 2006. He heard an advertisement on the radio for a three-week broadcast skills training and decided to enroll. One year later, he joined a United Nations’ Mission in Liberia radio training, and he has remained with them for the past year. More