Chris Giamo – Documentary Film Maker – Together Liberia

Chris Giamo is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, and is currently completing his MA in Documentary Film and History at Syracuse University .

He has a background in cultural anthropology, human rights, South Asian studies, and Hindi language. He recently completed a documentary on Kashmir, India which was shot during the summer of 2010. The film, In Shopian, covers the case of a double murder and documents the volatile socio-political upheaval in the capital of Srinagar.

He has also conducted extensive fieldwork within Sikh diaspora communities in Canada and England. His film Black Days/Blue Star recounts the story of a Sikh refugee who escaped the Indian Army’s attack on the Golden Temple in June, 1984. Besides human rights documentaries, Chris has made a number of independent art films. He currently resides in an attic by the sea in Portland, Maine.

Still Life

  End of the day at Rivercess High School, Liberia. … [Read more...]

Kindness Nehwon

“The story telling was kind of new to me, because what we do here is we only collect stories that deal with the politicians. To really go to the common people and get their stories is something we don’t really do here. People in Rivercess are very friendly. They are willing to talk to people, to explain their stories. The students were kind of sorrowful because they have only one high school. So, so, sorrowful. And talking to them most of them want to continue their education to go to college. … [Read more...]

Takun J – Hip-Co in Liberia

Takun J is Liberia’s premier Hip-Co artist. In terms of musical genre, Hip-Co (Co as in short for colloquial) is uniquely Liberian. In short, it’s music of the vernacular, the way people speak and relate to each other. Hip-Co evolved in the 1980s and has always been socially & politically bent. In the ‘90s it continued to develop through the civil wars, and today stands as a definitive mark of Liberian culture. Takun J has climbed his way to the top of the scene and is widely know both here … [Read more...]

Clarence Nah

“It was something new. It was something I will take with me for the rest of my life. The story technique, I think it works best because you get down to the people and you get to tell their stories. Instead of you telling the story, the people tell the stories themselves. So I think that is a good thing.” -Clarence Nah … [Read more...]

Peculiar Greave

Before the outbreak of the first civil war, the Monrovia Zoo was a source of peaceful memories for families and children. Set on the banks of the Mesurado River in the forested backyard of an old Swiss man and his Liberian wife, it was the only zoo in Liberia. During the war soldiers came and shot dead all the animals. Afterwards they massacred everyone in the neighborhood. The Swiss man and his wife managed to escape to Sierra Leone, and in recent years have returned to their old home. Today … [Read more...]


At Rivercess High school, graduating seniors celebrate the completion of their final exams. This year, 27 of 29 students passed the West African Examination Council, which determines whether nbso online casino reviews or not one may proceed to university. Most students apply to University of Liberia, one of the only two universities in the country. Without a viable host connection in Monrovia however, it’s impossible for students to financially support themselves. Most remain in Rivercess. … [Read more...]


Cestos City is located 180 miles Southeast of Monrovia. A seven hour drive on dirt roads through remote rainforest, the county’s capital sits where the River Cestos meets the Atlantic Ocean. In the early morning groups of school kids online casino begin their long journey to class, arriving in boats from across the water, then walking two miles down the only road in town. … [Read more...]

After Echo

Situated next to a monument of Liberia’s first President, Joseph J. Roberts, the ruins of the Ducor Hotel is one of Monrovia’s haunting relics of civil war. Like many of the city’s buildings its skeleton stands charred and gutted, looking over the water. Along the periphery the afternoon continues with a sense of normalcy. “Sad when you see a hotel like that, when you know once upon a time man…” … [Read more...]


“To just have that initial interaction, to get a feel for the life and the warmth and kindness that I saw. You know initially there was this apprehension to let us photograph them, but once we spent a nbso online casino reviews little bit of time with them, there was this really incredible spirit that they had…” – Sung Park, University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication … [Read more...]

Video Vignettes from Liberia

Here are some short video pieces cut together from footage of our first few days in Liberia, taken in different spots we explored around Monrovia - our home guesthouse, a fancy hotel overlooking the ocean, and the beach lining the Sophie neighborhood in Congo town. Hopefully they give you a few tastes of some of the things, both good and bad, that we"ve been witnessing on our trip thus far.   The Compound Luyken Guesthouse is located in Congo Town, a neighborhood on the Southeastern … [Read more...]