David Eugene Trotman-Wilkins – Trainer – Together Liberia

David Eugene Trotman-Wilkins is an award winning photographer with Chicago Tribune in their Vernon Hills Bureau. David graduated from Syracuse University, deciding on a dual major of study in Sociology and Photojournalism with a minor emphasis in geology.

The Paradox That Is Liberia

A teenage boy lives with his family on the third floor of an abandoned office building on Broad Street in Downtown Monrovia, Liberia. Teenaged school children mingle during a break between classes at Cestos High School. The school district in Rivercess County offer one Primary elementary and one high school for the entire county. Often children walk several hours to attend or get a ride on small motorcycles to get them to school. A young girl sells fruit to residents and tourist … [Read more...]

Perseverance, Liberians Rebuild

Showing his national pride by flying his country"s flag, Christopher a taxicab driver with 5 children, rents his cab and must make about $1000.00 LD ($17 USD) each day before he begins making money to feed his family   (l-r) Joseph M. Kangar a University of Liberia student has his registration papers examined by a student representative Peter Jallah,  as he registers for classes during the summer class session, as students Eugene Clarke and Fedesco Luogon waits their … [Read more...]

Voices of Liberia

I am definitely not in Kansas. Liberia is a strange mix of African and European influences in society and culture that for all intents and purposes is closest to being American. With a flag that is almost an exact duplicate of “Old Glory,” the red and white stripes and the blue field in the upper left corner, it would have made Betsy Ross proud of the likeness. A single white star adorns the blue field instead of the fifty that represent our state. Is Liberia the 51st state, should it … [Read more...]