Kindness Nehwon

Kindness had used a recorder before she began the training, but taking photos was a whole other story. She had a few problems at first, discovering how to balance the camera, how to hold it, but very soon she mastered the new skill, and is now looking forward to using photographs to tell stories of everyday Liberians.

About Kindness Nehwon

Kindness Nehwon is a multimedia journalist working at the Liberia Media Initiative in Monrovia, Liberia. More

Access Denied; Girls Higher Education

  Minnie Wah wants to go to college. But it's more likely that as a girl she'll end up in the local school in Cestos that teaches girls simple trades. That school is right behind Cestos High School. Forum for African Women Education is a trade school where girls go to learn skills such as pastry, tie-dye, sewing, and cosmotology. "I have been in Rivercess from my birth but I have not seen any girl leave from here to go to Monrovia to attain university," said the school … [Read more...]