His dream: To be a doctor


The 2011 graduating class of Cestos High School has decided as a class project to undertake the construction of a palava hut. This palava hut will be used for students to gather and discuss issues pertaining to the school. The cost of the project is estimated at $1,500 U.S. The 29 students in the class had to contribute $500 Liberian each. Donations from sponsors so far have amounted to $500 U.S., bringing the total amount raised to about $800 U.S.

As senior class president, Ogache Alvin Gaye put everything together. He wrote letters to potential donors and followed up, hired an architect to draw the blueprints for the structure, and chaired regular class meetings. His main concern was not whether he’d raise the money to complete the project, but getting the work done on time, by graduation time at the end of June. There had been some delay in the effort as students awaited the results of the West African Examination Council tests. The results were recently announced; 27 of 29 students passed the test, including Ogache.

Ogache has been his class president since the ninth grade. At age 27, he is a father, a husband, a businessman, semi-professional footballer, and bread winner for his entire family. He and his wife Victoria have a 3-year-old daughter named Future. He describes Victoria as very caring and loving and a good businesswoman who takes good care of the home so that he is able to focus on his education.

“Next to God is my wife. She has been helping me a lot,” Ogache said.

Victoria recently traveled to Monrovia to buy goods for their shop, which is called Ogache and Victoria Business Center. They sell food products, household goods, clothes and other things needed by people in the community.

There was a time that Ogache was not focused on education because he was playing football for Zealous, a junior professional team. He also played for the Rivercess County team that won the County League Tournament in 2008; that’s how he earned the money to start his business. He believed that playing football was the way to succeed in life, but finding no avenue there, he decided to concentrate on school.

He said he’s seen others who are educated succeed, and that has motivated him at school.

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